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Upcoming releases

Vivre La Mort Du Vieux Monde (LP)
Tip! Before Mahjun (of which Souffle Continu reissued, in 2016, the two albums released on Saravah), there was… Maajun. Five musicians (Jean-Pierre Arnoux, Cyril and Jean-Louis Lefebvre, Alain Roux and Roger Scaglia) and three times as many instruments at the service of an electric-poetic guerrilla group moulded from folk and blues. The group’s unique album, “Vivre la Mort du Vieux Monde” evokes an (imaginary) association of Frank Zappa and Jacques Higelin, of Sonny Sharrock and the Art Ensemble…
LP | €25.90
Vivre La Mort Du Vieux Monde
Tip! Before Mahjun (of which Souffle Continu reissued, in 2016, the two albums released on Saravah), there was… Maajun. Five musicians (Jean-Pierre Arnoux, Cyril and Jean-Louis Lefebvre, Alain Roux and Roger Scaglia) and three times as many instruments at the service of an electric-poetic guerrilla group moulded from folk and blues. The group’s unique album, “Vivre la Mort du Vieux Monde” evokes an (imaginary) association of Frank Zappa and Jacques Higelin, of Sonny Sharrock and the Art Ensemble…
CD | €13.00
Glacial Movements brings bvdub and Netherworld together for their first official collaboration... but more importantly, a testament to a friendship that has endured and grown for well over a decade - and the pinnacle of the GM catalogue to date. Quite simply, the "equilibrium" of a glacier is the point at which its mass of snow and ice that comprises its mass is forever in balance - neither advancing nor receding... the frozen and slightly less-so forever in balance. Cold depths below freeze all…
CD | €14.00
The Secret Disco Tapes Vol.1 (Tape)
*Limited edition of 200 copies.* Sonor Music Editions presents a collection of rare and obscure recordings by the composer and trumpeter genius Cicci Santucci on cassette, all transferred and remastered by Lorenzo Fabrizi from 1980s lost reels, vinyls and tapes. All the tracks have been privately produced and recorded at Cicci Santucci's own studio between 1982 and 1987 for the TV synchronization, spots and background usage. Enjoy the Maestro's crazy cosmic synths, Italo-Disco and electronics ga…
Tape | €16.50
Spell (Dolce Mattatoio) (Tape)
*Limited edition of 200 copies.* Sonor Music Editions presents the full soundtrack of "Sell (Dolce Mattatoio)" movie from 1977, also known as "L'uomo, la donna e la bestia" on cassette format. Maestro Claudio Tallino signed the music for the censored erotic thriller movie directed by the visionary genius Alberto Cavallone. A shocking, freaking and occult storyline set in the province of Rome, scene of shady affairs and private dramas that protagonists try to hide behind a fake respectability. St…
Tape | €16.50
A Magnetic Road To Hell (Tape)
*100 copies limited edition* “A Magnetic Road to Hell” is Robert Millis and Bardo Todol’s first release as a duo. Recorded transcontinentally throughout 2021 and 2022 they traded sounds and ideas between Cordoba, Argentina and Seattle, USA with a stop in Mexico along the way: screamings, rivers, kids, radios, mellotron, records, 78rpm shellac, wax cylinders, field recordings, birds, electronics, guitars, percussion, haze, static, a destroyed Indian piano, talkative violins, talkative people from…
Tape | €11.00
Ark Hive of A Live (4CD+Book)
Ark Hive of A Live is a 4 CD set of recordings by Andrew Poppy, along with a 128 page book, including writing by Andrew Poppy; an introduction by Paul Morley; other writing by Leah Kardos, Nik Bärtsch and Rose English; and archival photographs.
4CD+Book | €35.00
Ys (Tape)
Florence Cats is a poet, visual artist, sound composer, performer and acupuncturist. Born in Vilvoorde in 1985, she is currently living and working where Brussels meets the Sonian forest. Ys is a generous debut. A genuine personal statement. It's raw and courageous. Sunken Cathedral is Florence interpreting Claude Debussy’s La Cathédrale Engloutie (trans. the Sunken Cathedral). The track reminds me of one of those fabled Charles Ives home recordings. Recording himself on Speak-O-Phone - an old b…
Tape | €12.00
The Loneliest Flower in the Village
For the past 20 years Nostalgia 77 has become a catch all for the musical life of Benedic Lamdin. His schizophrenic offerings range from songwriting sessions, soundtracks, excursions into Soul and in this case Jazz. The Loneliest Flower in the Village is an album that sees Lamdin reunited with longtime collaborator and arranger Riaan Vosloo and experienced veterans from a host of Nostalgia 77 projects. 'It had been a long time since we'd gigged or recorded so the idea was as much a little reunio…
LP | €26.90
First Collection (LP)
*In process of stocking* After almost two years of work, we're glad to invite you to a new journey through the fog of time and enjoy the upcoming reissue of the great Ambient/Folk record from 1984. A well-known to collectors but extremely rare record by Jon Iverson a multi-instrumentalist from Palo Alto and his college friend, mandolinist Tom Walters. They shared a love for singer/songwriter fare and gigged around campus playing covers of Neil Young, CSN, and Loggins/Messina in the late '70s. "F…
LP | €25.90
Mona Mur: The Original Band (1984-86) (LP)
* Edition of 300 * Mona Mur, born in Hamburg, with FM Einheit, Alexander Hacke and Mark Chung from "Einstürzende Neubauten" and Gode B. from "Front" during the punk explosion. As "Mona Mur & Die Mieter" they released their first 12" single “Jeszcze Polska” in '82, which immediately claimed the "Single of the Week" slot by London's New Musical Express. Mona Mur then lived a wild life in Paris and Berlin. In fall 1984, she formed a new Mona Mur band with FM Einheit and Alexander Hacke, joined by "…
LP | €28.90
Four Towers and a Bridge (Tape)
Tip! **60 copies limited edition** With "Four Towers and a Bridge", composer and field recordist, Emmanuel Mieville shares musique concrète spells and sonic bridgings of machinery acoustics. In the span of four tracks, electroacoustic sculptings and dronesque gestures intersect to form a seemingly continuous investigation of the mechanisms of passage. The album toys with sounds recorded in, on, and around technologies of crossing; from the Ponte Eiffel bridge in Viana do Castelo (Portugal) to th…
Tape | €12.50
Thelonious Monk Quartet: Live Five Spot 1958, Revisited
*In process of stocking.* 'Johnny Griffin came to Monk with a reputation as a speed demon – double-timing the tempo was his default mechanism, elaborating melodies with a mixture of mellow swing and complex bop phrasing. Their contrasting nature – Griffin’s fluid extravagance and Monk’s percussive dissections – intensi- fied by Roy Haynes’ forceful divisions of the beat, generate a tension unlike any of Monk’s subsequent groups' – Art Lange
CD | €16.00
'The CD’s title is borrowed from computer language: STRG + X is the key combination for “cut to the clipboard” to be temporarily stored and pasted somewhere else at a later time. Perhaps the most important quality of this carefully thought-out yet anything but cerebral music: it is aware of its means and can twist and turn and rearrange them as it pleases, in which case improvised contexts create their own forms and play with original material in a fresh, new way. This is a creative process, for…
CD | €16.00
No L (Tape)
**Edition of 50** The artist-filmmaker closes his sell-out Introspective (1 October—1 December 2022) with the release of a limited cassette edition of the soundtracks from his 16mm film ‘7P’ and his digital video ‘Regression’, featuring interpretations of The Twelve Days of Christmas recorded twenty years apart. Numbered and handmade in an edition of 50 copies, each comes with three riso-printed cigarette cards of a possible six with images by John Smith.
Tape | €18.00
Avebury (LP)
Tip! ** Future music by Nkisi, ancient music by Nkisi: ‘Ndombola’ (A) was commissioned for A Journey to Avebury, Stanley Schtinter’s shot-for-shot remake of Derek Jarman’s film of the same name. ‘Centripetal Vortex’ represents its own parallel ritual, made as part of the same sessions.  Numbered + handmade in an edition of 250 copies only; 180gr vinyl in custom-made screen-printed outer (sealed), containing two risograph inserts with a specially commissioned essay by Sukhedev Sandhu.
LP | €33.00
Wasteland Jazz Ensemble (2LP)
Tip! Wasteland Jazz Unit is a staple in the world of destroyed music. With countless releases cataloged by a literal who's who in the field, (cassettes, CDrs and records on American Tapes, Troniks, New Forces, Oxen, Torn Light, Nashazphone and of course - there was a split 7" w/ Tiger Hatchery on Gilgongo), the duo of Jon Lorenz and John Rich occasionally expand their scathing, feedback-saturated reed work into a full ensemble. Here, as a 7 piece group including Dylan Posa (guitar), Edward Ricar…
2LP | €28.90
River of Revenge: Brazilian Country Music 1929-1961, Vol. 1 (Tape)
Tip!  Death Is Not The End present the first volume in a survey of a form of Brazilian country music known as música caipira ("hillbilly music") - a stripped-back forerunner to música sertaneja, the Brazilian equivalent to US country & western which in it's contemporary form has come to dominate the domestic music industry in recent decades. This collection covers some of the earliest recordings made by the pioneering folklorist Cornélio Pires at the end of the 1920s, through to records from the…
Tape | €15.00
Monolog (Tape)
Renowned Swedish musician Tomas Hallonsten’s debut solo recording started out as a Mark Hollis-influenced project featuring Hallonsten’s instrumental compositions sparsly performed with acoustic guitar,piano, bass and drums at its core. Gradually the music morphed and eventually it turned out as a solo album where the compositions came to life mainly via Hallonsten’s unique treatment of drum machine and synths.
Tape | €10.00
Ogura Plays Stockhausen (2CD)
This 2 CD album features Japanese pianist Miharu Ogura’s jaw-dropping rendition of Karlheinz Stockhausen’s Klavierstücke I–XI, for solopiano, recorded live at Monopiano festival 2021. Includes a 20 page booklet with an essay by Robin Maconie, former Stockhausen pupil and author of the book “Other Planets: The Complete Works of Karlheinz Stockhausen 1950–2007”.
2CD | €18.00
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