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Radboud Mens, Matthijs Kouw


Label: Moving Furniture Records

Format: LP

Genre: Electronic

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Radboud Mens and Matthijs Kouw have collaborated since 2001, when they started working on an album firmly rooted in the ‘clicks ’n cuts’ movement of way back when. After collecting source material using only feedback produced with a mixer and minidisc recorder that was broadcasted live on Amsterdam’s Radio 100 to unsuspecting listeners, they started working on their album ‘Mens/Kouw’ (2002), which features both rhythmic pieces and more abstract elements. With the passing of time, they found themselves working more and more in the realm of tonal and timbral long-form pieces. Their use of software, recordings of acoustic instruments and a modular synthesizer, leads to what can perhaps be described as 'electro-acoustic drone' that nods to the American minimalists of the last century. This record is the first of a two-part album and is recorded live in the studio in december 2014. 

Cat. number: MFR036

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