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Included in:

    Sun City Girls

    330,003 Crossdressers From Beyond the Rig Veda

    Label: GET BACK

    Format: Vinyl LPx3 BOX

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    Originally released in 1996, it was their second double CD of the year (along with Dante's Disneyland Inferno). Partly an ethno-surrealist take on places and forms known (Indonesian gamelan, Bollywood soundtracks, Polynesian folk, surf stylistics, & sci-fi thematics) and partly a stupefying surreal ethnography of places yet to be discovered as the collective Bishop Brothers, Mssrs. Gocher and Kang walk that liminal tightrope between Here and There.""Kickin' the Dragon" was live recorded at the “Off Ramp” (now defunct) in Seattle. "Ghost Ghat Tresspass / Sussmeier" was recorded live at “Bottom of the Hill” in San Francisco, and features Eyvind Kang on violin. A portion of "Sussmeier" appears on Kang's Theater of Mineral NADE's CD (Tzadik, 1998). "Shin Paku" and "Maybe I'll Kiss and Die a Fool" were originally recorded during the sessions for “Torch of the Mystic”. The songs "Apna Desh" and "Rookoo Bay" originally appeared in remixed form on the 78rpm 10” issued by Perfect in 1994. This release also features the recording debut of Sun City Girl's Javanese Gamelan, acquired in 1993 at a Seattle auction.
    Cat. number: GET 718
    Year: 2010