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A Family of Three (Band Photo)
€ 15.90
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trophies - A Family of Three (Band Photo)


A Family of Three (Band Photo)

€ 15.90

LABEL: Unsounds
GENRE: Electronic | FORMAT: LP | CATALOG N. U 58 | YEAR. (2019)

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Alessandro Bosetti, lyrics, voice. Kenta Nagai, fret-less electric guitar. Tony Buck, drums. “A Family of Three (Band Photo)” is the fruit of urgency and sediment – a vibrant story bringing together sounds, images and texts that have emerged over time in Alessandro Bosetti’s imagination, in his life experience and through live concerts. Tangents, ideas and themes revolve around cautiousness, desire, Italy, ways of doing, uncertainty and longing. Without definite focus on one subject, these all feel like universal aspects of humanity falling into the vortex that is the whole of this Gesamtkunstwerk.
This new LP by Trophies projects a free flowing vision of urbanized living; lives lived speeded up and slowed down in unequal measures, where one grasps at straws of control and holds on what is dear. The Bosetti-Nagai-Buck trio continuously aims to keep the threefold dialog open and inviting, breaking the repetition of loops - speaking, instead: volumes in shared exchanges. Like a constant flux questioning of the bonds of habitual versus the pull of the unfamiliar: like a chance meeting on the dissecting table of the everyday street, with open ears and eyes. Differently from other records by the band (consisting of Alessandro Bosetti on voice and electronics, fret-less electric guitar player Kenta Nagai and Tony Buck on drums) Family of Three was not recorded in one shot or just a few studio days. The recording came together as a constructed object over almost three years of separate recordings and montages. Family of Three (Band Photo) is also the latest volume in the Stories series on Unsounds. On the label’s invitation, Michela di Savino shot portrait photographs of random trios – common people and colorful backgrounds, three individuals who do or do not know each other. Snap shot portraits of teams of three; families, bands, co-workers, fellow travelers? Her pictures explore and explode the tripartite identity of the trio by operation of more (or less) chance, aiming to explode the ‘family of three’ (the band) into a larger community. The images feed back on the music on record; the sounds informs the photographs – oscillating in an interactive narrative moving between juxtaposed poetics and aural-visual collage, furthermore enhanced by the lyrics and Bosetti’s prose.

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