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File under: 70s electronic

Tod Dockstader

Aerial # 3

Label: Sub Rosa

Format: CD

Genre: Electronic

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This release is the third and last in the three-part Aerial series. Tod Dockstader is one of the all-time great figures in the world of musique concréte composition, with his "organized sound" works from the 1960s being amongst the most radical ever conceived -- in league with Schaeffer, Henry, Stockhausen, and Varese. Aerial is a rare new work in the realm of shortwave radio, from one of America's most experimental composers. Volume 1 was released in March 2005 inside a slipcase. Volume 2 and 3 have been released separately and packaged in individual standard jewel cases that conveniently fit into the slipcase provided with Volume 1. Working from his interest in shortwave radio, Dockstader attempts to "play the radio," thus redefining this cultural medium as a musical instrument with the help of a computer and a good editing system. Out of the 580 mixes, he selected 90 "best" mixes -- eventually reduced to 59, which became representational of the distilled magic of the radio, as it elucidates the sounds between stations. Finally, in assembling the CDs, Dockstader allows each piece to flow into the next -- making a continuous journey to the end. Ghostly, ethereal, and irresistibly interesting-- like hearing secrets passed over airwaves.
File under: 70s electronic
Cat. number: SR 233 CD
Year: 2005
Part two of a three CD box set.

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