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Affirm, Deny, Reconcile - Excerpt 1
Affirm, Deny, Reconcile - Excerpt 2
Affirm, Deny, Reconcile - Excerpt 3
Affirm, Deny, Reconcile - Excerpt 4

Maxim Wolzyn

Affirm, Deny, Reconcile (LP)

Label: Marionette

Format: LP

Genre: Electronic

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Pulsating reconstructions of fragmented piano compositions, melded with gritty peripheral field recordings. Transcending from flashbacks, lingering between natural and industrial landscapes. Broken left-field electronica by Maxim Wolzyn for the third Marionette issue.

"...Wolyzn’s work exhibits a decentered and unplaceable aesthetic that sounds very much at home with the cosmopolitanism that Marionette has established." - Inverted Audio

"Imagine Nils Frahm going head-to-head with Plaid and Echospace on the engineering and you’re half-way there." - Bleep

Cat. number: Marionette03
Year: 2015