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Unlimited Edition (2Lp)

Label: Spoon Records

Format: LPx2

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Most bands stick out a 'unreleased and bonus bollocks' album when they're bereft of new ideas and need some filthy lucre to keep the country estate fully stocked with coy carp. You get the feeling this was the last thing on Can's mind. Having amassed a serious quantity of recordings between 1969 and '74, 'Unlimited Edition' (now giving a thorough spring-clean for this remastered release) was put out on a 15,000 only run to proceed 'Soon Over Babaluma', portraying a much rougher Can that tended not to make the cut for their official releases. Very much a collection of songs as opposed to a coherent and thematically structured album, 'Unlimited Edition' is a fascinating insight through the cracks and into a band that at times are treated with an almost religious zeal.

Cat. number: XSPOON23/24
Year: 2014
Genre: Psych
File under: Kraut

Originally released 1976 on Harvest. Recorded at Can Studio, Weilerswist, Germany E.F.S. = Ethnological Forgery Series.