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File under: KrautCosmic

Vita Nova

Vita Nova (Lp)

Label: Garden Of Delights

Format: LP

Genre: Psych

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On the top of the list of Kraut uderground artifacts, a definite oddity plenty of abstract execution of psychedelic soundscapes, dark Classical textures and Jazz/Fusion, as cohesion is completely absent, however there is a certain charm coming out of this. There are more in the vein of Egg and Amos Key, creating atmospheric soundscapes complemented with powerful jams, featuring organ and clavinet in evidence and swirling around jazzy workouts, light improvisations and mellow Kraut Rock experimentations. Just listen to these extremely short pieces following one another to have an idea of this trio's narcotic direction, from Ethnic collages to Classical Music and then to frenetic Kraut Fusion with keyboards in evidence.
The Latin lyrics were provided by Levay's brother-in-law Adalbert Hayduk. Maron's later career is more or less known, he performed for a number of years with Dzyan, Missus Beastly and Giger Lenz Marron. Originally released in 1971 on the small Austrian label Life Records, by the trio comprised of guitarist/bassist/singer Eddy Marron, who teamed up with Hungarian keyboardist Sylvester Levay and drummer Christian von Hoffmann

File under: KrautCosmic
Cat. number: LP 014
Year: 2017