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Hau-RUK (Cd)

Label: Garden Of Delights

Format: CD

Genre: Experimental

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First legit reissue of the 1st Xhol album (post Xhol Caravan), originally released by the legendary OHR label in 1971. Previously bootlegged in poor fashion by Germanofon, this comes with one 22-minute bonus track (from 1974) and the usual thick booklet of liner notes and photos by Garden of Delights. This album followed Electrip and precedes Motherfuckers GMBH. One of the more confounding pieces of the Krautrock puzzle, Xhol played long, wasted lounge-blues excursions, much favored by the likes of Steven Stapleton and friends. "...overtly trippy in feel with one lengthy improvisation per side, the cosmic Annexus Quam-like 'Breit' and the psychedelic blues 'Schaukel'. -- Freeman's.

Cat. number: GOD 076CD
Year: 2017