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File under: KrautCosmic


Crawling To Lhasa

Label: Garden Of Delights

Format: CD

Genre: Psych

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New legit reissue of this "psychedelic jewel from Duisburg". Originally issued as a private press LP in Germany in 1972, there were a couple of bootleg LP versions of this floating around in the 80s and then a legit, but difficult to obtain CD issue on the long gone Lost Pipe Dreams label. "Their music combined various folk and Eastern influences, slightly hinting at the Third Ear Band and Popol Vuh, but closest to Clark-Hutchinson on their album A=MH2. Kalacakra's blend of mantras, blues, folk and stoned psychedelia gained Crawling To Lhasa a well deserved curiosity value, yet they were an altogether more eclectic and strange band than any of their possible mentors." -- The Crack In The Cosmic Egg.

File under: KrautCosmic
Cat. number: CD 053
Year: 2001

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