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Documents 1975

Label: Groenland Records

Format: LP

Genre: Electronic

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Grönland casually drop a rocket's worth of virgin krautrock fuel with the previously unreleased 'Documents 1975' tape capturing Moebius, Roedelius, Rother and Eno playing live between their idyllic Forst studio and venues in Hamburg. With likely reams of reels to pick from, they've carefully chosen to highlight four performances best showcasing the group's pioneering work from a variety of aspects. The two pieces recorded at Forst are little short of magick, capturing two sublime and uplifting flights of kosmic fancy recorded whilst surrounded by wine bottles, pals and banks of amps, organs, synths, guitars, and FX (as depicted in the vinyl boxset booklet) in their utopian studio setting circa 1975. Yeah, we wish we were there, but it's close enough. In fine contrast, the other two, longer pieces were recorded over consecutive nights a few years prior at Fabrik and Onkel Pö in Hamburg, 1973 and subsequently sent to Asmus Tietchens, who provides the original tape. The Onkel show renders nine minutes of blissfully meditative, jazzy exploration, whereas their Fabrik section is a  mind-bending motorik rush. Absolutely necessary purchase for any and all krautrock/kosmiche disciples!

Cat. number: LPGRON152
Year: 2014

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