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Michael Rother

Solo (5CD Box)


Format: 5CD Box

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5CD Box Edition. When it comes to the world of Krautrock, Michael Rother stands as a true legend. Besides once being in an early rendition of Kraftwerk, the German music hero helped lead celebrated group's Neu! and Harmonia, with the latter even once recording an entire collaborative album with ambient great Brian Eno. But besides this lengthy list of accomplishments, Rother also has released a long series of solo albums — and it's those works are now celebrated with an expansive new box set. The set includes Rother's first four — and arguably best — solo albums, collecting 1977's Flammende Herzen, 1978's Sterntaler, 1979's Katzenmusik and 1982's Fernwärme. In addition, the box set also includes previously unreleased material, including Rother's more recent scores to the films Die Raeuber and Houston on one album, as well as another album of remixes and live tracks. The box set also includes liner notes penned with the help of the Jam's Paul Weller and Boxed In


Cat. number: LPGRON204-CD
Year: 2019
Genre: Psych
File under: Kraut