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Tashi WADA


Label: YIK YAK

Format: Vinyl LP

Genre: Electronic

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Incredible, seemingly out-of-left-field debut release from tashi wada, a west coast composer perhaps best known as the accomplice / son of yoshi wada ...
a gorgeously executed display of upper-harmonic-series movement & the psycho-acoustic properties of carefully controlled tuning systems (a medal has assuredly already gone out to violinist marc sabat for his performance here ; channeling the painstaking adherence to micro-tonal accuracy of phill niblock’s music ... only in a real-time, live-played setting !!!) that, halfway into each of the two given iterations, starts to affect & distort signal headed to / from your temporal & occipital lobes on a scale that transcends mere interruption ...
gorgeous edition (c/o the endlessly capable alan sherry / siwa) comes in a silk-screened sleeve with a nice, letter-pressed insert, with a dubplates & mastering-cut (rachad must have had a field day with this one !!!) lp (pressed @ 45 rpm for maximum effect) tucked inside ... one of my favorite records of any genre / stripe in recent months & easily one of the issues of the year ; highly recommended !!! (Mimaroglu)
Cat. number: Yik Yak 018
Year: 2010
In black and silver silkscreened sleeve with letterpressed 5" X 5" card insert. Edition of 400.

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