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Tashi WADA


Label: Saltern

Format: LP

Genre: Experimental

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Tashi Wada's Duets LP is the first release from Saltern, his new imprint distributed through Important Records. Duets features a recording of Wada's series of string duos brilliantly realized by cellists Charles Curtis and Judith Hamann.

From Curtis' liner notes: "How far can we enter into a single moment, such that for that brief speck of time, for an instant, unison is registered? This would suggest a different sense of unison, as a state of complete integration hidden behind the disparity and change caused by the passing of time." Edition of 425. Recorded by Tom Erbe and cut at 45 RPM by Rashad Becker. Pressed at RTI and housed in jackets with design by Marco del Rio and printed at Stoughton. Cover image by artist Marcia Hafif.

Cat. number: SLT001
Year: 2014

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Vinyl LP | €15.99