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Anthology 1983-1993 - excerpt 01
Anthology 1983-1993 - excerpt 02
Anthology 1983-1993 - excerpt 03
Anthology 1983-1993 - excerpt 04
Anthology 1983-1993 - excerpt 05
Anthology 1983-1993 - excerpt 06
Anthology 1983-1993 - excerpt 07
Anthology 1983-1993 - excerpt 08
Anthology 1983-1993 - excerpt 09
Anthology 1983-1993 - excerpt 10
Anthology 1983-1993 - excerpt 11

Maria Zerfall

Anthology 1983-1993 (8LP Box + 7" & Shirt)

Label: Vinyl-On-Demand

Format: 8LP + 7" + Shirt Boxset. Includes booklet.

Genre: Electronic

In stock


In process of restock, last copies. After the recent retrospective dedicated to the Come Organisation label, Vinyl On Demand returns with an unbeatable summary of lost recordings (as well as a complete retrospective of her recorded material dating back to the 1983-1993 decade) from the mysterious and cultishly desired Maria Zerfall, aka Christine Weyrether from Düsseldorf, a legendary figure of the German Industrial scene of the '80s.

Going deep into their under-the-counter channels, Vinyl On Demand have again outdone themselves with this release, salvaging Maria Zerfall from obscurity to reveal an innovator working at the full extent of avant-imagination in a sort of cybernetic symbiosis with her studio-as-an-instrument.

Due to the unique sound and the often extremely limited editions, today Maria Zerfall's early tape recordings are highly sought after, and have reached a cult status among fans and collectors. Completely remastered, they are now presented on vinyl for the first time - yet again opening another experimental post-punk wormhole we never knew existed.

This 8LP box-set frames the sound of a real explorer carving her own niche way beyond the DIY post-punk attitude, instinctively taking the influence of Throbbing Gristle, SPK, Conrad Schnitzler and early Kraftwerk, oscillating between ritualistic drones, hammering percussions and mind-expanding noise, traversing the interzone of electro and acoustic, synthetic and human, with layers of fractured melodies, distorted synthesizers, hollowed-out rhythms and claustrophobic vocals. It is also a compelling investigation of the voice's role in experimental Industrial music, dismantling its unique properties through electronic treatments to reveal a spectrum of alien dissonance manifested via musique concrète structures and dynamic, esoteric arrangements.

It has taken ages to make Anthology 1983-1993 happen - but finally it is here in all its remastered glory. As a testament to its enduring magic, we're still bewildered and vividly transported, listening again and again for the umpteenth time as it was the first, lost to its roil of tangled timbres and etheric dynamism, keeling to the metallic lushness of the strings and mind blown by the synchronised sweeps of modular synths and simulated environments. Essential for fans of Coil, Organum, Nurse With Wound, Throbbing Gristle, and the tradition of outsider musique concrète.

This box-set contains the following items:

- LP1 "1983-1987"
- LP2 "Nazi Jazz"
- LP3 "Säuretod 1985-1988"
- LP4 "Maria Zerfall in Phase Pervers"
- LP5 "Wäre Das Blut Nicht Rot"
- LP6 "Totenstille, Der Rest Ist Fluch"
- LP7 "Tote Zone"
- LP8 Zerose ‎"Liebe, Sex & Zärtlichkeit"

- Bonus 7" EP "Das Geschenk"

- Hand-numbered certificate
- 32-page Booklet, 30x30cm
- T-shirt

Cat. number: VOD 162
Year: 2020

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