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Patrizio Fariselli


Label: Cramps Records

Format: CD

Genre: Experimental

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An outstanding recording, and an unjustly neglected contribution to prepared piano performance by Area member Patrizio Fariselli issued on Cramps in 1977 (in the legendary "DIVerso" series), a record with energy that's somewhere between John Cage and Cecil Taylor! At times, Patrizio Fariselli plays with a great sensitivity to silence – letting it emerge with as much force as his well-placed work on the keys of the piano. But at other times, he comes off with a full, frenzied sound that's really dynamic and almost explosive – so much so that we're left wondering about the state of the piano after he's walked away! There's a bit of vocalization on the record, and titles include "In Side Out Side", "Lenny Tristano", "Anthropafagia", and "Scorie".

Antropofagia detail

Patrizio Fariselli was born in July, 1951. He studied piano at the Conservatory of Pesaro as a teenager. Aside from his work with Area in the 1970's, he recorded this experimental piano album entitled Antropofagia in 1977. Since the early-eighties breakup of Area, Fariselli has written movie and theater soundtrackscollaborating with the jazz artists Steve Lacy, Paul Lytton, Curtis Fuller, Howard Johnson, and Art Farmer.

Cat. number: CRSCD59
Year: 2013

Comes in a CD sized papersleeve album replica

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