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Richard Youngs

Arrow (Lp)

Label: Preserved Sound

Format: LP

Genre: Experimental

Out of stock

**edition of 300, 180gr. vinyl, hand-assembled** Recorded especially for Preserved Sound in Hebden​ Bridge, ​Arrow is sound of Richard Youngs alone at the piano, embellished with sparse drums and an old organ. This collection of solo improvisations is all about capturing the moment – that piano and that afternoon in Hebden Bridge.
“I sat down at the piano and just played,” says Richard. “No preconceptions, nothing worked out. I wasn't trying to achieve anything other than to enjoy playing the piano.” “There was also an organ in the room, so there are touches of that. I then took these back to Glasgow and knocked it into shape – a few overdubs, nothing drastic.”
Arrow is Richard Youngs’ second​ album on Preserved Sound. The album comes as a limited edition, hand-assembled, vinyl and C​ D. Stream, download and buy ​Arrow.
Cat. number: PS47
Year: 2018