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Best of 2016
Best of 2016

Peymont, Riccardo A. Luciani, Serena Marega

Atmosfere N.1/2 (Coloured Vinyl Edition)

Label: Cinedelic

Format: LPx2

Genre: Library/Soundtracks

Out of stock

Special red and blue vinyl edition, limited to 100 copies only. Spellbinding Italian Library masterpiece (originally released as two separate LP in 1971), a near mythical recordings with holy grail status made by Riccardo A. Luciani (credited as David Hoyt Kimball due to contractual reasons) with the help of Luigi Malatesta (also known by the pseudonym Peymont). Another two tracks are composed by Serena Marega, an obscure female electronic musician active in the late 60s and early 70s, who played extensively with Teresa Rampazzi, and was a founding member of the Gruppo NPS.
Spaced-out / futuristic and obsessive explorations a dark fantasy soundtrack feel: every theme is surreal and psychedelic using early dub techniques, echo delays, repetitive electronic rhythms, tape manipulation and exotic sounds.
Expect an elegantly stoned and creative mix of lunar / supernatural / industrial / mechanical / alien / ambient / underwater / menacing or deep dream-like themes.
Maverick sci fi influenced lounge with sinister elements that should appeal to the Demdike Stare lover too. Sophisticated compositions, visionary and surprisingly contemporary with odd time signatures, featuring lightly disturbing whispering worldless voices, alien electronica and muted Morricone IL Gruppo Feed-back cum Miles Davis jazz trumpe, proto techno, gothic and eerie atmospheres...Think outer-space Mario Bava horror film music or an experimental giallo thriller score with shades of Egisto Macchi, Basil Kirchin, Delia Derbyshire but arranged with an other-wordly Luciani twist. Incredible mood music for an unknown Italian soundtrack / TV or radio programme. Just like the Free Jazz Library, this Le Monde recording never comes up for sale. Micro press run. Striking artwork design sleeve.

Abstract, mysterious, evocative, experimental, futuristic and avant-psychedelic, Atmosfere is a fascinating electro-acoustic, industrial, dreamy journey that stands out in the panorama of Italian discography as one of the most original and unusual examples of psychedelia.


Cat. number: CNAY701-1
Year: 2016

Special blue and red vinyl edition, limited to 100 copies only.

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