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Baila, Claridad! - excerpt 1
Baila, Claridad! - excerpt 2
Baila, Claridad! - excerpt 3
Baila, Claridad! - excerpt 4
Baila, Claridad! - excerpt 5

Alberto Garralón

Baila, Claridad! (LP)

Label: Discómanos Records

Format: LP

Genre: Electronic

In stock

**300 copies** Discómanos Records release Alberto Garralón's Baila, Claridad!, a cassette the Spanish guitar player and producer made 30 years ago. Large doses of imagination, passion, and heart, with influences of contemporary classical music on the strings, pianos, and winds and also a folk touch on the guitars with a mix of ethnic music in his percussions. All of these elements made Baila, Claridad! the first work in Garralón's career a unique collector's piece of the famous Spanish movement, "Nuevas Músicas". Remastered for vinyl.   
Cat. number: DSCMNS002
Year: 2019

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