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File under: AmbientMinimalism

Various Artists

La Llama De Prometeo (Lp)

Label: Discómanos Records

Format: LP

Genre: Electronic

In stock

**LP Only Release, 500 Copies. 180Gr Vinyl** Subtitled As “The Open Gate To New Spanish Music” this is an amazing compilation dedicated to Spanish Minimal, New Age, Ambient, Downtempo, Folk, Experimental Sounds, 1989-1999, All tracks never released on vinyl before. Feat: Suso Saiz, Iury Lech, Finis Africae, Eliseo Parra... Sublimely curated by Daniel Nielles (Tuharrdosons), inspired by the work of people like Luis Delgado (El Cometa De Madrid, Etc).
"Fire, the divine essence stolen from the gods by Prometheus and given to humanity thus, making us unique amongst other creatures of Mother Nature, bringing us closer to the divine.
The myth’s version chosen to illustrate the songs in this compilation, whispers that the figure of this fire remains alive in the shape of intelligence and cleverness. Technology split us apart while allowing us to own the sounds of Nature, to transform them, to travel in time within the 20th century using all sorts of folk instruments, assembling mezzo–sopranos coming down from orchestras high up in the sky, with the most virtuous percussionists in the Spanish music scene. Who would have told the sailor man that he would be dancing to down–tempo with his loved one, who is leaning on the balcony waiting for him.
This compilation is a deep scream from modern gods; the flame that is still alive in this new century.
I couldn’t be more thankful to Lord Guardado (Discómanos) for relying on me for the selection of songs, for being this project’s cornerstone and engine, as well as to all the artists who agreed to be part of it". (Daniel Nielles)
Cat. number: DSCMNS001
Year: 2018

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