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Beyond the Cycle - Excerpt 1
Beyond the Cycle - Excerpt 2
Beyond the Cycle - Excerpt 3
Beyond the Cycle - Excerpt 4


Beyond the Cycle (LP)

Label: Ikuisuus

Format: LP

Genre: Experimental

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** Edition of 300 ** 'Beyond the Cycle', is the first LP of Sunhiilow, also known as Valerie Magisson, a french musician who is living in Finland. The tracks were recorded with a warm sounding synth, Moog Mother-32. 'Beyond the Cycle' is an ethereal ambient music, following the earlier album ‘Whispers of a Dream Wind’, which was her first step into the analog synth music. Sunhiilow has learned how to catch the emotions and transpose it through the music. The artworks on the sleeve are also made by her. Mastered by Pentti Dassum.

Cat. number: IKU-064
Year: 2021

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