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Joachim Kühn, Rolf Kühn

Bloody Rockers (LP)

Label: Wah Wah Records

Format: LP

Genre: Rock

In stock


Featuring the title track, picked by Andy Votel for B-Music's The BYG Deal compilation. "Recorded during the same sessions as the Mad Rockers LP, with the same musicians, Bloody Rockers features more free jazz meets rock explorations by the Kühns and Co., plus a couple of incredibly groovy floorkillers. The album was only released in France back in 1969 and has never been reissued before. This edition comes in remastered sound (by mastering magician Denis Blackham @ Skye Mastering) and faithful reproduction of the original sleeve with backflaps. Superb mixture of Krautrock, psych, funk and free jazz, with all kinds of sound effects coming from distorted clarinets, Hammond organ, groovy bass/drums section, breaks and hot guitar licks."

Cat. number: LPS094
Year: 2012

Recorded February 17 & 18, 1969, Hamburg- Limited to 500 copies, remastered

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