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Boris at Last:Feedbacker

Label: Conspiracy Records

Format: Vinyl LP

Genre: Electronic

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Boris's meteoric rise to superstardom doesn't seem to be stopping any time soon, only today I heard that the band had signed their last album (the absolutely stunning 'Rainbow' from a few weeks back) to US mega-label Drag City - what next eh, how long before EMI and Atlantic start getting interested? How about Sunn O))) on Geffen then? It could happen. Still we're back on our ongoing mission to seek out every Boris record we can, and this 2003 release is one of those absolute gems that keep stepping up out of the cracks like spiders in the bath. Housed in some of the most beautiful artwork you're likely to see (dead Japanese girl on tracing paper. okay I'm a sicko) this is Boris on a full-scale drone rock tip, for once the title does indeed give away the album's heady concept pretty well. A droning, psychedelic metal opus of biblical proportions this is essential one long jam split into five 'parts', we begin with overlaying harmonic tones and shuffling waves of feedback comparable to Earth's seminal 'Special Low Frequency Version' but mid-way through, the tempo livens up a little to give way to some truly psychedelic sounds; wailing guitars, acid drenched percussion and a low end to give you toilet problems for a week. After this heady mid-point peak we are brought back into drone territory for the final two parts which see the band experimenting with nauseating chunks of growling noise and feedback - something like Sonic Youth jamming with Wolf Eyes in a jet engine (yep it's that good). What I'm attempting to say is that you simply need to buy this album, it's loud, addictive and most importantly it's fun - whoever said drone metal was boring? So, so essential.

Cat. number: cns81lp
Year: 2002

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