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Label: Southern Lord

Format: Vinyl LPx2

Genre: Rock

Out of stock

Upon reflection of the aftermath of releasing their most successful album to date, Pink, Boris has found the desire to create sounds that are a wider extension of just simply music. They are searching for sounds that are also an extension of life and the many experiences that they have had in the two years that have passed since the release of Pink. In their quest, Boris are drawing upon unconventional influences such as obscure hair metal, Japanese cartoon songs, and the '80s Japanese pop singers to help shape the band's new directions. They are unafraid to embrace different sounds that are definitely not hip or cool within the context of accepted rock, noise, or drone music. These bold moves are really nothing new from the band that basically changes with every release with a conscious effort to not repeat what they have done in the past. Smile is a new sound which represents everything that is RIGHT NOW. Boris hope 'this is going to be a new experience for everyone beyond music.' Two bonus tracks + extended versions and different mixes of sounds as they appeared on the CD. All completely exclusive to the vinyl version. Packaging: killer metallic, matte silver foil, gatefold jacket. This is going to be beautiful.
Cat. number: SUNN92
Year: 2008