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Label: ARBOR

Format: Vinyl LP

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As Concern, Gordon Ashworth has explored drone music through an inspection of the textural components of acoustic instruments and recording processes.  On Cæsarean the palette presented is a singularly precise one.  Using simple sources (piano, clarinet, banjo, shrutti box, and acoustic guitar), tape processing (1/4” and cassette), and reverberation, Ashworth crafts delicate tape music through transforming repetitions and obscured fidelity. The emotional and physical presence of Cæsarean is overwhelming; sounding simultaneously natural and alien.   The instrumentation and field recordings are both stripped of their defining characteristics; creating a balance between the harmonic characters of both, a pure transformation empty of excess and desire.  Time held in suspension.  Released on compact disc by Slow Flow (Japan).  In an edition of 500 copies with black and white reverse board jackets and printed labels.
Cat. number: ARBOR 138
Year: 2011
Genre: Electronic