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Stefano De Ponti


Label: Kohlhaas

Format: CD

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Outcome of overlying minerals and organic sediments, shifted in the course of the millennia, the lime, in Italian ‘Calce’, is for Nina Haab (visual artist born in Bellinzona in 1985) and Stefano De Ponti (sound artist born in Milan in 1980) the metaphor of an extended creative process. Transdisciplinary work, Calce was born during a residency at Les Fours-à-Chaux in Saint-Ursanne in the Swiss Jura, an ancient cave and limekiln now hosting artistic and cultural projects. Listening to the territory and the people who have lived and still live there, the two artists have produced, gathered and shared a broad amount of audio-visual material, including images, interviews, historical documents, and soundscapes. Through processes of stratification and refining, these elements flow into a diptych of peculiar narrative and sound density, in which is dissolved the very possibility of an individual sensorial and mnemonic experience. 


Curated by Sebastian Peter, with a layout designed by Alice Cannavà, Calce is published in a limited edition of 150 copies including CD + art book and in a 300 copies edition including CD + digital contents.

Cat. number: KHS 008
Year: 2016

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