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Come Clean


Format: Vinyl LP

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There's a big sticker on this record saying it's one of Aquarius's records of the year. Now call me cynical but I might start doing that for everything just so we get our name mentioned on the front of every record. Genius. Don't know why I didn't think of that before. No Balls are ex Brainbombs and if you're not familiar with them they're a bunch of noisy Swedish types who did a top album called Burning Hell years ago which is a sludge masterpiece. From the same school of thought as Drunks With Guns, No Balls make an abrasive sludgefest of guitars and noise using some awesome riffs which will have you rocking like a bad 'un. It's great to hear them again making music. I wish we'd got some of those Release The Bats LP's they did last year. God damned it!! Fans of Heavy Winged & Shit & Shine take note!!
Cat. number: perm013lp
Year: 2010