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Toru Takemitsu

Corona - For Away - Piano Distance - Undisturbed Rest


Format: CD

Genre: Compositional Form

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Performed by Roger Woodward (piano). Recorded Decca Studio No.3, West Hampstead, London, 4 May 1973. This is the first International CD release featuring this recording. Was first released on Decca's HEAD label in 1974. For Takemitsu, sound can be beautiful without being significant, can signify beauty without making 'sense'. The quality of the music is thus elusive: it is not something one must necessarily 'understand', but perhaps rather absorb and accept. His works have, all the same, qualities in common: gentle, careful organisation; a sense of simple wonder and freshness; above all, an awareness of the silence that is the accompaniment of sound. To make the void of silence live to make live the infinity of sounds. Sound and silence are equal.
Cat. number: EXP0016
Year: 2006