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Cosmic Machine - A Voyage Across French Cosmic & Electronic

Label: Because Music

Format: LP+ CD

Genre: Electronic

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Impeccably presented, deluxe 20-track double LP & CD gatefold edition illustrated by legendary graphic artist Phillipe Druillet. Hand-numbered edition. There's little contest to the claim that French musicians pioneered electronic music in the 20th century. This compilation traces the period following the innovations of Pierre Henry and Pierre Schaeffer at the GRM, post '68 when bold artists were intersecting their avant-garde concepts with pop, disco and rock. 'A Voyage Across French Cosmic & Electronic Avantgarde (1970 -1980)' is simply brimming with futuristic electronic goodness, selecting music from household names such as Serge Gainsbourg and Jean-Michel Jarre alongside disco greats like Cerrone, Patrick Juvet and Bernard Fevre (aka Black Devil Disco Club). The tracklist reads like a dream and should be conidered as a near-definitive and essential primer on this era

Cat. number: BEC5161471
Year: 2014

Hand numbered limited edition in gatefold deluxe sleeve and clear vinyl. Includes CD version in PVC wallet and 5" booklet.

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