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Cut Off from the World - Excerpt 1
Cut Off from the World - Excerpt 2
Cut Off from the World - Excerpt 3
Cut Off from the World - Excerpt 4
File under: ExperimentalNoise

Half Mortal

Cut off from the World (LP)

Label: Hospital Productions

Format: LP

Genre: Electronic



Nick Forte debuts new project Half Mortal for Hospital Productions. While Forte's previous discography spans the majority of extreme music subcultures, going as far back as 1990, Half Mortal is his first project conceived as 'death metal electronics'. Expansive and maximal yet possessing spaciousness, and with a flair for technical violence, forte is a master of dynamics and uses IDM and the ill-fated death metal intro almost as bookends. Without a shred of retro nostalgia, this record dissolves the boundary between electronic music and metal, creating a mutation that sits somewhere between 'in the name of suffering'-era eyehategod and the colossal and crushing crescendos of cranes circa 'forever'.

File under: ExperimentalNoise
Cat. number: HOS704
Year: 2021

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