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De Mòrt Viva - Excerpt 1
De Mòrt Viva - Excerpt 2
De Mòrt Viva - Excerpt 3
De Mòrt Viva - Excerpt 4
File under: FolkRitualTribal


De Mòrt Viva (LP)

Label: Les Disques du Festival Permanent

Format: LP

Genre: Experimental

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Constructed like an invented tarot deck, De Mòrt Viva explores the idea of a contemporary paganism in ten jubilant, humorous and spiritual odes. The Auvergne Occitan imposes itself at the spittoon, deploying its metaphorical and polysemic network, with the particular candor of a newly acquired language. The melody is born from the word, the poem gives birth to the song, in a form that could recall from afar and without erudition, the trobar, the art of the troubadours. In this game-album each piece describes a possible situation, with its typical emotions and stakes, its often reversible systems of forces whose meaning escapes Manichean thinking. Drawing from the ageless figures of the Carnival, these ten arcane songs will perhaps bring to our consciences what to think differently about contemporary concerns. Always hybrid and exploratory, Sourdure's music reveals itself here under a new face. Exoskeleton or chemical revelator, the electronics are camouflaged in the roughness of the song as if to disturb its contours. Carried away by an armada of percussions and wind instruments, the voice naturally takes its strong place, whispering, savoring the langue d'oc like a macerated wine. Artwork and illustration by Camille Lavaud.

File under: FolkRitualTribal
Cat. number: LDFP013LP
Year: 2021

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