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Desolation Beauty Violence

Label: Ikuisuus

Format: CD

Genre: Experimental

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Born in New Zealand, currently residing in London England, Peter Wright has spent the past decade or more producing limited release recordings of drift-guitar space walks of mesmerising beauty. Desolation Beauty Violence is his third CD release proper, after Distant Bombs (Last Visible Dog, 2004), and Yellow Horizon (Pseudoarcana, 2005). Recorded in London, spring 2003 along with Yellow Horizon, Desolation Beauty Violence is a very personal take on environment and landscape. Peter Wright uses a 12 string guitar and a handful of effects to illustrate an instrumental journey through the human detritus of city living juxtaposed with a wistful remembrance of pastural isolation, it's author torn between a desire to be part of a larger community and a need for space and solitude. Far from being just another drone record, Desolation Beauty Violence is a dichotomy of music.
Cat. number: Iku-002
Year: 2005

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