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Pariahs Sing Om


Format: CDx3

Genre: Experimental

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Three CD retrospective collecting two complete albums (Pariahs Sing Om, Catch a Spear As It Flies'), significant excerpts from Duna and A Tiny Camp In the Wilderness and various unreleased tracks. None of this material has ever been available outside of small CD-R runs. The finest in underground free noise / drone...mostly from New Zealand but all around the world as well. For those of you new to the CpsiP label, imagine classic Siltbreeze (Dead C, etc.) mixed with Jewelled Antler (Thuja, Blithe Sons etc.), dark and deep listening that sometimes verges on all out noise, but more often than not remains subtle experiments in avant drone and abstract sound.
Cat. number: LVD 089/91CD
Year: 2008

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