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    Renato RINALDI

    Hoarse Frenzy


    Format: CD

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    Indescribable Italian artist who has had previous releases on Fringes, Fusetron and Public Eyesore.  Hoarse Frenzy is like Faust doing a folk album; terribly beautiful and weird.  Incredible use of sound space and field recordings. "Last Visible Dog keeps up the fast releasing rate with this album by an Italian called Renato Rinaldi. The album was recoded in Vienna and many places in Italy near the Slovenian border. In addition to Rinaldi himself, there are also some guests involved, at least on different string instruments. This CD that is actually just one, 40 minutes long track, is probably the best LVD release since Hala Strana. The track has naturally many kinds of parts and elements: birdsong and other field recordings, acoustic instruments (guitar, violin, viola, cello, dulcimer, organ, piano), silent vocals, telephone ringing and other things.
    Differing from many other LVD releases the album includes honestly “real” music at times, and even with a good sound quality! Those freaks into lo-fi noise and buzz shouldn’t be worried, though: the album also has its experimental side! I still think that the parts that are the closest to traditional folk and include good melodies and harmonies work the best. The fact that this was recorded at various places and under different circumstances gives the album its own characteristic nuance that you will possibly only need some time to figure out. All in all, this is a very nice, atmospheric and deep album that’s worth checking out." (psycotropic zone)
    Cat. number: LVD 075
    Year: 2005
    Genre: Electronic