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Format: CD

Genre: Experimental

In stock

Hala Strana, is a project of LA-based multi-instrumentalist (and multi-instrument builder) Steven R. Smith, who is a member of Jewelled Antler flagship improv psych group Thuja and a solo artist in his own right. Hala Strana is his vehicle for instrumental droned-out Eastern European folk music appreciation/interpretation, and really represents some of his finest work to date. Multitracking turns Steven R. Smith into a one-man village orchestra, playing everything from violin to optigan, bul bul tarang to gourd guitar, harpsichord to clay flowerpots! Bouzouki, cello, harmonium, percussion, etc. These songs also incorporate snippets of field recording tapes and sampled recordings of traditional music. Amazing 2 disc work which built up a huge reputation as an extremely limited CDR. This edition sports about ten minutes of additional material, filling out the set to a nice 92 minutes.
Cat. number: LVD 066/7CD
Year: 2005

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