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Fabio Orsi

Audio For Lovers

Label: Last Visible Dog

Format: CDx2

Genre: Music from Italy

Out of stock

Fabio Orsi (collaborator on last year's 'Wildflower's under the sofa') returns with a double disc effort that is at once a highly satisfying 2 hour entry in the ambient genre. Although LVD's catalog often leans toward noiser, less melodic works, Audio for lovers shows both the same modernistic and minimal sensibilities that we've heard from Fabio in the past, while also drawing on the earlier, atmospheric work by Eno, which is to say that the album does precisely what most of us would like out of an ambient work. The tracks are highly melodic and memorable, the nature of the music is experimental enough (at least in theory) that a lot of fans of the label will enjoy it, and most importantly, the environments created here will please just about everyone--this might even be the LVD release to please your non-LVD listening acquaintances. Purchase the soundtrack to your new life today!
Cat. number: LVD128-129
Year: 2008

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