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Fabio ORSI - Gianluca BECUZZI

Wildflowers Under the Sofa

Label: Last Visible Dog

Format: CD

Genre: Electronic

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The third release by Italian duo consisting of sound artist legend Becuzzi along with relative newbie Fabio Orsi, “Wildflowers” is a surprisingly passionate mix of found sounds, acoustic and electronic, along with some guitars to flesh out the vision.
There are three fairly long pieces, which offer the duo the opportunity to develop the tracks through various moods and pitches; here, the traditional and the experimental dance around each other, with rhythms both borrowed from and suggested by an array of sources, environments and instruments. Cheekily, they also remix samples from some of their previous work, weaving them seamlessly into new contexts. This gives their work the feel of one extended search, an attempt at a continuous wave of sound merely only up by the special demands of formatting. In that sense, "Wildflowers Under the Sofa" can’t be called their best release, since they’ve left the door open to see all three of their sets as a whole. Still, this is a powerful and inspired record, one sure to open many a metaphorical and literal door for the Italian duo.
Cat. number: lvd 120
Year: 2008