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Forse arrivi - excerpt 1

Fabio Orsi

Forse arrivi (10")


Format: 10"

Genre: Electronic

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**100 copies** Here comes the newest work by Fabio Orsi and his first ever 10" vinyl release, limited to only 100 copies. 25 minutes equally split in two tracks entitled Forse arrivi prima and Forse arrivi dopo that tell a story with sound in a peculiar way which is uniquely Fabio's own. A journey by train told by those waiting at the station. The wait. The amazement. The joy of meeting. Maybe you'll get there sooner... Maybe you'll get there later. Between Ambient and Berlin-style electronics, Forse arrivi represents the new course of Fabio Orsi at best... An intimate work that remains suspended between dream and reality.

Cat. number:
Year: 2019

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