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All' Esedra

Label: Musica Moderna

Format: LP - 1Sided

Genre: Electronic

Out of stock

Lovely artist edition focused on a Renato Rinaldi sound installation, consisting of 34 audio postcards that saturate the area with unstable frequencies and phase shifted pulses. Some circuits are sensitive to the proximity of the human body, and are powered by small batteries, so the sound constantly change. Some of these frequently collapse but they reboot after a few seconds with a sound that suddenly blossoms on a carpet of pulsating high frequencies.
This is the recording of a walk in this kind of "noise garden”, I walked through the spaces of Villa Manin Exedra, where the 34 cards were scattered across the floor, then I moved through the park of the villa until I found a situation relatively silent.

Cat. number: MM005
Year: 2013

Limited to 200 copies

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