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Stefano Pilia


Label: Musica Moderna

Format: CD

Genre: Electronic

Out of stock

A sublime constellation of sound miniatures divided into 3 long tracks (at once random and simultaneous) of delicate field recordings and found objects transformed and woven into intricate electronic tapestries, a slowly building "ambient" work with a unique sense of melancholy.
Strings is a diary composition began in 2004, a series of subtle epiphanies followed by a somewhat enigmatic resolve or 'answers',  richly spacious explorations that appears suspended in time, with distant landscapes and hallucinogenic excursions into further uncharted territories. A Masterpiece.

"My work has become progressevly concerned with the research of the sculputural dimensions of sound and it’s relations with space, memory and time suspension both through instrumental executional-experimental practices (mainly on guitar and dbass) and investigations into the recording and production process… I’m one of the founder members of 3/4HadBeenEliminated, a synthethis between improvisation, electro-acoustic composition and avant-rock sensibilties. Since 2008 i’m part of the italian band Massimo Volume and since 2010 of In Zaire" Stefano Pilia


Cat. number: MM001CD
Year: 2012
Limited to 300 copies. Digipack

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