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Stefano Pilia

Last days

Label: 8mm Records

Format: Vinyl LP

Genre: Music from Italy

Out of stock

Already out of print, last copies available "Recorded between Bologna and Providence, Last days is just Pilia and his nude guitar. Five new pieces that will bring you up to the sky in a climax of infinite grace and beauty. If you followed his previous works, you already know that Stefano is a rare voice, within his fingers, improvisation and composition meet each other in perfect harmony. This new LP offers some of the most emotionally intense guitar music we have listened to, to date. Last Days is in fact apart from Stefano's previous efforts for a series of reasons. Each song is an adventure into a different style, combing elements of noise, rock, folk and drone as part of the same sound painting. But the main focus here is that his sound on vinyl comes out revealed: naked, rough, and 'primitive' as we commented listening together to this record. This music comes from the heart, doesn't need any overdubbs. 140 grams vynil, edition of 110 numbered copies. Silkscreened"
Cat. number: 8mm 029
Year: 2008