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Arthur Doyle

In Solo

Label: 8mm Records

Format: Vinyl LP

Genre: Jazz

Out of stock

Restocked, very last copies around: Doyle is another matter. This man is dangerous - he never plays anything you could recognize, just furious blasts of rage. His solo on "Domiabra" couldn't be written down, or even sorted out. It sounds more like raw energy than anything I've ever heard. He's nasty, man." These liner notes to the original issue of Noah Howard's 'The Black Ark' may define perfectly also this new, incredible album by Arthur Doyle, this time 'in solo' for sax, flutes and voice. Those elements of African folk music delicacy and pure Albert Ayler overload that are Doyle's trademark, are performed here like a shaman does to evoke spirits: back to the land of the ancestors, and deep into the center of Earth. This music goes beyond words; by listening to it you will feel - like us - visited by a ghost.
Limited to 150 copies

Cat. number: 8mm 056
Year: 2012

LTD 150