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Jason Lescalleet

Electronic music

Label: RRRecords

Format: Vinyl LP

In stock


Stunning electro-acoustic compositions, shimmering electronics, and deep drones housed in a limited 1000 only Grey marbled vinyl LP. Jason Lescallet’s sound world occupies a space between noise, contemporary composition, and minimal electronics. Using decidedly primitive tactics and equipment (e.g. antiquated reel-to-reel recorders, damaged tape, etc.), his work focuses on extreme frequencies and microscopic audio detail. He has released recordings on Cut, RRR, Brombron, and Intransitive and has collaborated with Joe Colley, John Hudak, Greg Kelley, Ron Lessard (as Due Process), and nmperign.

Cat. number: RRR 001
Year: 2003
Genre: Electronic

Grey marbled vinyl.