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Thurston Moore

Please just leave me

Label: RRRecords

Format: CD

Genre: Experimental

In stock

1996 flare-out from mr. T... dedicated to Dave Brubeck's right (left?) hand man & composer of 'suicide is painless.' Pure was started in 1994 by RRRecords as a series of very affordable cds by a wide range of experimental and noise musicians. All releases were packaged in identical black & white slipcases, with a sticker on the front giving the artist and title. Most also included a fold-over insert advertising other releases in the series. The release notes were typically part of the cd artwork itself. The series was officially stopped as of January 1, 2000. All remaining Pure cds were repackaged by RRRecords in black sleeves with new cut-up style paper covers pasted on, unique to each release. However, the label did have one posthumous release in 2005 (LHD's 'Opaque', in the original Pure packaging).
Cat. number: Pure 37
Year: 1996

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