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Turkish Belly (excerpt)
File under: free improvisation

Konstrukt, Thurston Moore

Turkish Belly (LP)

Label: Karlrecords

Format: LP

Genre: Jazz

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The latest entry in the ongoing series of exciting collaborations sees the Turkish free form ensemble Konstrukt live on stage with Thurston Moore.
Konstrukt, the istanbul based free jazz / freeform group founded and led by Umut Cağlar and Korhan Futaci, are known for their openness to and interest in collaborations – and regularly meet up and perform with new partners that range from Joe Mcphee, William Parker, Akira Sakata, Marshall Allen, Evan Parker, Alexander Hawkins, Ken Vandermark or Otomo Yoshihide. This latest release sees the quartet join forces with one of the indie rock icons who besides his decade-long main band Sonic Youth always found time and inspiration for solo projects and collaborations of different kinds. "Turkish Belly", recorded live at SalonIKSV in Istanbul in february last year, is as adventurous and daring as one will expect from such a pairing and a highly rewarding experience for the fans of Konstrukt and those of Thurston alike.

File under: free improvisation
Cat. number: KR084
Year: 2021

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