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Barlas Tan Ozemek, DOGAN DUGUSEI, HUSEYIN ERTUNC, Konstrukt, Peter Brötzmann

Eklisia Sunday

Label: Not Two Records

Format: CD

Genre: Jazz

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2013 Release. Recorded live in front of a small audience on May 15th, 2011 at Eklisia - an old chapel built in the 17th century in Gümüşlük, a small village near Bodrum - this improvisation features the Konstrukt collective - which is Korhan Futacı (tenor & soprano saxophones), Umut Çağlar (electric guitar), Özün Usta (double bass, djembe, gong, bells), Korhan Argüden (drums) - incredibly enriched by the presence of Peter Brötzmann (on tenor), Hüseyin Ertunç (acoustic piano, küstüfon, gong), Doğan Doğusel (double bass, küstüfon) and Barlas Tan Özemek (electric guitar). The result of the combination is simply marvelous, because Brötzmann's unique phrases perfectly match with the sound of what confirms to be a well-coordinated collective. The Turkish free jazz outfit Konstrukt might be considered the most evolved improvisational band working in jazz today. Founded, not in the hotbeds of jazz, London, New York, Chicago, Wuppertal, or Krakow, their isolation is the key to their success. Well, isolation and observation. (Mark Corroto, All About Jazz)

Cat. number: MW 891-2
Year: 2018

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