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File under: Ethnic


Lotus (Cd)

Label: Omlott

Format: CD

Genre: Jazz

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CD version. Konstrukt has made contact with both Alexander Hawkins and Alan Wilkinson during their presence at Konfrontationen Festival in Nickelsdorf in 2013 where the band performed for the second time in Austria after Saalfelden Jazz Festival with Marshall Allen in 2011. All three parts were excited and have agreed to get together sometime in the future.

The result was a night of music with high energy and a wide musical perspective. From drum&bass to ethnic funk vibes, from straight free jazz bursts to spiritual chantings, the whole performance here shows a wide range of outer wordly aspects of all musicians present. Konstrukt is very grateful to be able to work with Omlott again on this recording, after their first collaboration with Joe McPhee on their critically acclaimed If You Have Time LP.

Cat. number: MLR017
Year: 2017

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