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Format: Vinyl LP

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Mindblowing!!!!!!"One day a super nice fellows from Turkey wrote me... Umut ! he enjoyed the one-sided i did by Phill Musra with Huseyin... that's why i always consider myself as a farmer, a plant seeds... well this RARE focus on the Turkey jazz scene are the fruits from that Musra trio one-sided LP... and to be sincere i'd have NEVER belived one day to be able to do such a focus (not even when i stopped qbico): difficult to know/find the right people/the right music from that elusive (but with such a rich musical & historical tradition/s) country !? it all started with that track Bulut, we initially spoke about doing' a one-sided BUT we hit along real well so... here we go: three varied albums from Turkey and a very special ltd box set. Konstrukt it's active since few years now and they recently played Sant'Anna Arresi Festival in Sardinia Island with special guest Marshall Allen... and after various CDs releases (including one with Peter Brotzmann), this is their very 1st release on wax (a record to be played at a very soft volume) ! totally hip Cosmic Turkish jazz ! ah, traditional Turkey's carpet motifs are on the front cover (each ones has a special value, see ltd ed gallery for their meanings)."

Cat. number: SAS#40
Year: 2013
Genre: Jazz

Limited to 200 copies