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Kozmik Bazaar - excerpt 1
Kozmik Bazaar - excerpt 2
Kozmik Bazaar - excerpt 3
Kozmik Bazaar - excerpt 4

Ken Vandermark, Konstrukt

Kozmik Bazaar (LP)

Label: Karlrecords

Format: LP

Genre: Jazz

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**300 copies** After two critically acclaimed albums with the Japanese avantgarde / noise icon Keiji Haino, Konstrukt return with a new inspiring collaborative mind: Ken Vandermark, who for three decades now has been a highly prolific musician in contemporary jazz and free improvisation. With various groups like NRG Ensemble, Spaceways Inc., The Vandermark 5, Made To Break and his latest project Marker or the Peter Brötzmann Chicago Tentet (to name just a few) and various spontaneous collaborations the saxophone / clarinet player has created an impressive catalogue and performed / recorded with the who-is-who of today's jazz / improv scene. Vandermark's enduring exploration and development of new paths in (free) jazz and improvisation not only made him a key figure of the vivid Chicago scene (since the days of AACM, a hotspot for musical creativity), but also gained him the reputated Mac Arthur Fellowship in 1999. In November 2018, Konstrukt (who also can look back on a long list of Class A collaborators like Joe McPhee, William Parker, Akira Sakata, Marshall Allen, Evan Parker, and Thurston Moore) met Vandermark in their homebase Istanbul for a recording session – a match made in heaven that all musicians involved are extremely happy with. The resulting album Kozmik Bazaar starts with a reference to Ornette Coleman before turning more and more into a psychedelic trip that gpes way beyond the "jazz idiom". But what else to expect from such a stellar constellation?

Cat. number: KR065
Year: 2019

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