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Peeter Uuskyla, Peter Brötzmann

Dead And Useless

Label: Omlott

Format: LP

Genre: Experimental

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This album features Peter Brotzmann on tenor saxophone and Peeter Uuskyla on drums, they are longtime collaborators and this album was recorded back in 2006 in Uuskyla’s home base of Sweden. Parts of the music on this album was previously released as part of the Born Broke 2CD set, and is remixed here for LP and MP3 and some of Brotzmann’s provocative artwork graces the cover. The title track is a continuous 36 minute improvisation broke in two sections for the vinyl. They open in a gnarly fashion with fast and heavy playing setting a powerful foundation before throttling back to a quieter section focusing in open and spare drumming before Brotzmann comes back ratchets up the intensity. Part two returns to the quieter drumming before Brotzmann returns in the most interesting fashion. He plays in a dark and mournful fashion, not quite the blues but you could certainly see it from there. The dynamism of the loud/soft and fast/slow nature of the music works well, as they trade sections of guttural saxophone and nimble drumming. This is a powerhouse recording, but they never get out of control, and the music is more of a conversation by two like minded souls than a competition between rivals.

Cat. number: MLR 003
Year: 2015

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